Less Screen-time, More Sunscreen.

Intelligent Bookkeeping to help you  
increase productivity and improve life.

Quickbooks Setup,

Conversion & Training

We specialize in Quickbooks Bookkeeping.
We no longer do taxes, instead, we prepare our client's
financials for their CPA or tax professional. 
This is cost-effective for our clients. 
If you need tax services, we work with a handful of CPA
and tax professionals we can recommend.

Books Review, Clean up, & Catch up. 

Quickbooks Trainings

Set-up, & Conversions.

Monthly, Quarterly, and Fiscal

Bookkeeping Services & Support


2019 Winner of San Diego Award Program - Bookkeeping Services.


We have 15+ years of small business bookkeeping experience across a wide range of industries.  


We always strive to make our client's lives easier by easing the burden of their accounting.  Allowing business owners to focus on growing their business and improving their work/life balance. 


All of our bookkeepers are Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisors. 

Luis & Tiffany Serrano
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We're not interested in a race to the bottom, to be the cheapest service.

We provide quality, reliable, experienced, and personable service.  We admire our small business owners, their passion for what they do inspires and enriches our lives.      

The cost of bookkeeping services is based on three main factors.


The first is the number of accounts the business has. 


The second is the volume of transactions a business runs. 


The third is the complexity of a business's accounting practices.


These three factors determine the time needed to complete your books.  


Project rates (i.e. catching up a prior year, several months) require a  review/consultation and customized estimate will be provided. 


Services Offered: 


Quarterly, Monthly and Yearly Bookkeeping Services Offered. 

Quickbooks Trainings and Books Catch Up & Clean up services.


Our hourly rate begins at $125/hour.


Monthly services rates begin at $295/month for simple companies (1-3 accounts with moderate volume). 


Most of our clients fall under our middle service plan of $395 per month. 


For clients with the most complex books rates begin at $495 per month. 


Quarterly services offer a discount over monthly service rates. 

$595 - $795 - $995 respectively.  


Project rates (i.e. catching up a prior year, several months) require a review/consultation and customized estimate will be provided.  


Contact us for a rate estimate or custom quote.

Contact us for a complimentary consultation

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