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Luis Serrano, Quickbooks Advanced Certified ProAdvisor

Years of accounting experience, working for you and your family

Being a good steward is our ‘why’. To wisely & faithfully manage and grow that which is entrusted to us.​ We consider the stewardship of our client’s financials as an honor and responsibility.​ We manage the books with the same excellence that we do our own. Success to us is the success and growth of our clients. We look to move beyond the basic compliance of accounting and resolve challenges and pain points for our clients and improve processes and systems. ​Our client’s continued trust and recommendations are our greatest compliments.


Luis Serrano

I’m a laid back family guy, with over 15 years of small business bookkeeping experience across a wide range of industries. I’m a Quickbooks Online Advanced Certified ProAdvisor.
My wife and I have been married 18 years and have three children. I enjoy playing basketball, chess, fishing, reading, gaming, hiking, and spending time at the beach. Grew up in the DC metro area, now living in sunny San Diego.

Tiffany Serrano

Tiffany is a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor. She is very detailed orientated, which makes her an excellent bookkeeper. She actually excels at nearly everything she does. When she’s not doing bookkeeping, she’s working in the hospital operating room as a registered nurse. She enjoys reading, hiking, gardening, and hanging out with the family.

Let Us Help:

Dear Friend,

It’s one thing to manage a business, it’s quite another to grow it.

If you’re reading this, you know what I’m talking about.

It seems like the books are being handled properly. It seems like payroll is (mostly?) under control. It seems like the IRS is okay with how we’re handling our taxes. It seems like the financial reporting is in place.

We’re flush … most of the time. But we’re certainly not growing. We’re not prospering.

What are we missing?

This is a common story that we hear when we first start talking to business owners. The boxes are checked, the people are in place … but the fact is, they’re not quite sure how to optimize the financials for performance and growth.

Our specialty is in reading between the lines of the systems, the softwares, and the financial statements to see the true financial story being told … even when the reports all “seem” okay (for now).

The fact is that the Federal Government would love to have more of your business’ hard-earned money in their accounts. Your employees probably don’t care about cost control as much as they should. Your sales team might need to focus their efforts in a new direction.

But you don’t have to hand more dollars over to the government than they require, just because you don’t know their rules as well as they do. You don’t have to live in a constant state of anxiety over the state of your books. The future of your business doesn’t have to be a question mark.

Let’s get a real-time reading on your business’s financial health. Answer a few questions below to get started.

Click the button above to take your first step, and we’ll be in touch soon to follow up about your specific needs.

And of course, feel free to poke around our site and discover why I’ve been called “The Most Trusted Tax Professional in the San Diego Area.”

Talk again soon,

Luis Serrano, Quickbooks Advanced Certified ProAdvisor

PS — When you fill out the form, we’ll also add you to our weekly email series on “Real World” Strategy for small business owners. Our readers enthusiastically forward these to their colleagues and peers all the time, because they’re not your standard “tax tips”.

PPS — Already want to come in? I don’t blame you … many people are fed up with trying to manage their books and financials on their own. Our schedule is very full…but if you call us at (619) 997-4185 or Email Us, we’ll give you two options for coming in right away. We will NOT make dealing with a business advisor as painful as dealing with your books has already been!


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Customer Stories


We have struggled for years needing help here and there from someone. We got so lucky finding Luis! He is so knowledgable and so helpful. He is the easiest person to work with and he does it with a smile on his face. He responds quickly and helps us work through any issues we are experiencing.


Luis is incredibly hardworking and intelligent with the work he does! I found him from the Quickbooks ProAdvisor and feel very fortunate. He's helped on the bookkeeping for both with our cannabis business and our other business. Not having a lot of time is a common issue for most business owners and Luis helped ease the stress of that by taking on the tedious yet important tasks that I didn't have time for. His expertise, demeanor and willingness to help in any way are the reason we're keeping him! Find a bookkeeper than you can trust like Luis.


I am very new to getting organized on Quickbooks online, and Luis's training sections helped me A LOT! He patiently answered all my questions and also gave me a very detail walk through to QBO and I am very confident to work on my own books now! Thank you Luis!

Kyle Mallien

Luis is a very nice, relaxed, professional. He took the time to understand my business and the challenges i was having trying to do my own books. He was responsive to my needs and very accommodating for scheduling. Very fast turn around time, especially for the time of season! As a small business owner, making sense of the books is a very troublesome task and time consuming! From here on out, ill leave it to Luis!

Julie Federico

Serrano Bookkeeping did a thorough and complete job. Mr. Serrano was very accommodating with my time. He was fast, and I left feeling at ease. I am very happy with his work product. Thank you!

Joe Rubio, Blue Nose IT Solutions, Inc.

On point expertise and responsiveness! Luis helped my business with a time sensitive issue required to move forward with construction bonding. I explained the situation and he turned around in just a few hours, something we had been tooling around for multiple days trying to fix. Highly recommend him for your accounting needs. Sincerely,

Mario DeMatteo

Luis was so helpful in getting my horribly organized books all caught up and in working order. He is a Quickbooks wizard. I will definitely be using him for all my bookkeeping needs. Serrano Bookkeeping is also very affordable.

Doc Elliott

Luis was extremely helpful in getting my business finances set up in QuickBooks and in educating me on the basics of financial bookkeeping. I would highly recommend him and plan on using his services in the future.