We celebrated our youngest’s birthday this week.  Isabel turned twelve, and the low key celebration we had was in stark contrast to the many friends she had for her birthday party a year ago before all things Covid.  

Isabel is in her first year of middle school, and school at home has been a challenge for her (and for us all).  Yet she is still generally in a good disposition even as she is a pre-teen who already acts like a teenager.

As she’s not able to interact much with her friends, and her older brothers can often be caught up in themselves to play with her, she spends much of her time reading and drawing. Isaac, our oldest, also likes to draw and he teaches and helps her.  They also share an interest in Anime and Manga and it’s nice seeing them have a shared interest.  

Lately, Isabel has been blowing through the Harry Potter books and playing volleyball.  

After having two sons we thought our third would also be a boy, and we are grateful for our baby girl and the joy she brings.

We remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. today and are thankful for his immense contributions to mankind.  One of our favorite quotes of his;


We live and work by the ideals of being light and bringing love into the world.  It is a core belief and principle that we hold to.    

My team and I find great fulfillment in coming alongside businesses like yours and pointing towards the way of financial hope.

It’s an excellent time to review our 2020 books and establish clear measurables for success in 20201.  Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are the sort of things that growing small businesses really need to determine and understand.

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Luis Serrano’s
“Real World” Business Strategy


  1. This week look to simplify something in your business.  Review the steps of a process and see if there is a step that can be removed.
  2. Explaining problems is good. Often in the process of laying out a problem, a solution will present itself.
  3. You have vanishingly little political influence and every thought you spend on politics will probably come to nothing. Consider building things instead, or at least going for a walk.
  4. Exercise is the most important lifestyle intervention you can do. Even the bare minimum (15 minutes a week) has a huge impact. Start small.
  5. Surround yourself with good friends.  They make life worth living. 

I’m grateful for our partnership, and for your referrals.



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